How Select Cycling Club started

Select cycling club had humble beginnings. Originally Andy Theron and a few keen cyclists started the club in the early 1970s. After some years the members stopped cycling and the club became inactive.

In 1989 Bruce Reyneke, Stewart Goodman, Enzo Antoniazzi, Guy Pike, Clive Hudson, Dave Mitchell and AndrĂ© Rautenbach decided to start their 'own elite club'. Thinking of a name was easy - Bruce remembered the original 'Select' and, of course, the gathered group thought it most appropriate - the 'select few'.

Amongst themselves, they voted in a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and one additional member. The constitution was taken from the then Northern Transvaal Cycling Union's archives and adapted to suit the club.

For the first few years this club was very elite - accepting a few cyclists who the committee thought 'worthy' of becoming a member. Club fees were not introduced until much later. Meetings were held once a month - where tactics for the next race were discussed. Much fun was had at these meetings - minutes were rarely taken, and sometimes these meetings would go on for hours.

Select Cycling Club dominated the local races for the next 5 - 6 years. In the later half of the 1990s many cyclists became professional, ending the reign of any one club's domination in the sport.

In the early years members received their news by post and word of mouth. From 2001 members received email as a form of communication. There is more structure in the club and they have a dedicated committee. The club has grown from a mere 10 members in 1989 to the current 230 members. The emphasis has also changed - from being a purely 'racing club' to becoming a more social club, catering for a wide range of cycling talents. Ladies are now also part of the club 'make-up', with many couples riding together. 

Select Cycling Club has really come a long way and intends going further - what ever it takes to be the "select" club in the Gauteng North Province.