The club recommends the following during club rides:

Maximum 2 abreast on broad/double lane roads, and single file on narrow or very busy roads.

Stop at red traffic lights.

Always wear a helmet.

Use good quality front and rear lights when riding in the dark - be visible at all times.

Each group would be allocated a leader - he/she will control pace and behaviour during the ride.

Re-group at designated points during the ride - leader's responsibility.

Following vehicle - the club has a number of volunteer drivers who use their own vehicles, or the Kangoo, to provide backup.  Each vehicle will follow the group at a safe distance and offer help to anyone in the group who may need it.  If a cyclist falls off the back of the main group, the following car should offer to take him/her back to the group.  If the cyclist refuses this offer, the back-up car has the right to pass the cyclist and continue following the main group.

When changing lanes, or turning - indicate clearly.

Point out any dangers ahead to those cyclists behind you, i.e. potholes, stones, glass, etc.

Aggression towards motorists will not be tolerated.

The designated group leader has the authority to address bad riding conduct.