Training rides over the weekends start and finish at Bruce Reyneke Cycles
~ 315 Lynnwood Road, Menlo Park.


In summer the ride starts at 06h00;

it changes to 06h30 on 1st April

and to 07h00 on 1st June 

then back to 06h30 on 1st August

We revert back to 06h00 on the 1st of September to celebrate Spring Day.

After the weekend rides the members meet at Nino's in Hillcrest Boulevard for coffee and/or breakfast.


There are four groups on Saturdays:


On Sundays there are two groups, a faster and a slower group.

You will also find that a longer distance is often available on Sundays, starting at the same time as the other groups and following the main route, but adding an extra section into the route.


On Saturdays we follow the Olifantsfontein route.

On Sundays the Roodeplaat Dam route.

During public holidays the Hartebeespoort Dam and Boschkop routes are also followed.

E-mails are sent in advance to all club members to inform you of any route changes or selections.



(Distance 75kms)

This is the standard Saturday ride:

Start at Bruce Reyneke Cycles (Lynnwood Road).
Continue along Lynnwood Road towards Brooklyn.
At the Duncan Street intersection turn left and head towards Brooklyn circle.
At Brooklyn circle take the 3rd road out (Middel Street) – continue along Middel Street, across Queen Wilhemina towards Fountains circle.
At Fountains circle turn left onto the R21.

The A & B groups will take Klapperkop off-ramp and head through Waterkloof.

C & D groups continue along R21 and take the Hans Strydom off-ramp, turn left into Hans Strydom and continue towards the traffic lights.
Turn right into Van Ryneveld Street and head through Pierre Van Ryneveld.
At the T-junction turn left into Nelmapius and carry on over the R21 highway.
At the traffic intersection turn right into Goede Hoop Street. Continue with Goede Hoop, past St George's Hotel, for approximately 10km until you come to a big traffic intersection.
Turn right into Olifanstfontein Road and continue for another 10km.
At the T-junction turn right into Old Johannesburg Road, pass the S.A. Mint, cross over the highway interchange and head towards Centurion.
At the Nelmapius Road intersection turn right and head towards Kentron.
Pass Irene Golf Club on your right and at the traffic circle turn left into Albert Street. Albert street joins up with Alexander, carry on until the T-junction.
At the T-junction, turn left into Botha Road. Head through Lyttleton along Botha until the Eufees off-ramp.
At this off-ramp move over to the right-hand side of the road (road splits to Pretoria central/Groenkloof).

At Fountains circle keep left and take the 3rd road out (George Storar). Ride along George Storar towards Brooklyn.
At Brooklyn circle take the 2nd road out (Duncan Street).
Head down Duncan Street towards Lynnwood Road.
At the traffic intersection turn right into Lynnwood Road and head down towards the shop.




Roodeplaat Dam 

(Distance approximately 60kms)

This is the route usually followed on Sundays:

Start at Bruce Reyneke Cycles (Lynnwood Road).
At the Brooklyn/Lynnwood intersection turn right into Duxbury Road.
At the traffic lights turn right into Duncan Street. Ride along Duncan and cross over Church Street – it makes a bend to the right (Gordon Road).
At a traffic intersection turn right into Soutpansberg Road. Continue with Soutpansberg towards Kilnerpark.
At the C.R. Swart intersection turn left and continue to the Hardy Muller Circle.
Take the 3rd road out of circle (Stormvoël Road).
After the N1 bridge turn left into Koedoespoort Road. Continue with Koedpoespoort Road and cross over Zambezi Road – this now becomes Moloto Road. Continue with Moloto Road for 10km.
At the Roodeplaat Dam turn-off, turn right and continue for another 10km until you reach the Baviaanspoort T-junction.
Turn right into Baviaanspoort Road.
At the Zambezi Road intersection turn left into Koedoespoort Road. Cross over Stormvoël Road and continue through East Rust towards Silverton.
At a circle turn right into Lynette Street –- through Kilnerpark.
At C.R. Swart intersection turn left into C.R. Swart Road and ride towards Colbyn.
At the Church Street intersection turn right and carry on towards Pretoria central.

At the Duncan Street intersection turn left and proceed towards Brooklyn.
At Hillcrest swimming pool turn left into Duxbury Road and continue until you reach Lynnwood Road.




Hartebeespoort Dam

(Distance approximately 60km)

Start at Bruce Reyneke Cycles (Lynnwood Road). Head down Lynnwood Road towards Brooklyn.
At Duncan Street intersection turn left and continue towards the Brooklyn circle.
Take the 3rd road out of the circle (Middel Street) and continue across Queen Wilhemina towards the Fountains circle.
At Fountains turn right towards Pretoria Central (Nelson Mandela Drive).
Take the Railway Road off-ramp and pass Pretoria Station on your left.
At the first intersection turn left into Jacob Mare Street and continue until you reach Visagie Street. Visagie becomes D.F. Malan Drive (road bears to the right).
Turn left into Vom Hagen Street – this road becomes the main Toll road to Hartbeespoort Dam. Pass the 1st Toll gate.

Regroup at the 2nd Toll gate before turning around and heading back towards town, or alternatively carry on through the Toll gate towards Hartbeespoortdam for a longer route (approx. 120km).





(Distance approximately 70kms)

Start at Bruce Reyneke Cycles and head out in an easterly direction on Lynnwood Road, towards Lynnwood Ridge. Continue along Lynnwood, across Hans Strydom and past Silver Lakes on your left.

Approximately 3km after the Silver Lakes turn-off, turn left into Boschkop Road. Carry on with Boschkop for approximately 15km until you reach a T-junction.
At the T-junction, turn left into Cullinan/Rayton Road. Continue for approximately 8km, over the N4 highway. 
*At the next 4-way stop (garage on your left), turn left into Donkerhoek Road. (This road continues for approximately 20kms)

At the first big 4-way stop, turn left in Hans Strydom. Continue along Hans Strydom until the Lynnwood Road intersection. Turn right into Lynnwood and continue for approximately 13km until you reach the shop.


(Distance approximately 110kms)

At the 4-way stop continue straight towards Rayton. Ride through Rayton and continue until you reach a 4-way stop (Shell garage on your right) at the entrance to Cullinan. Continue along this road towards Kwamahlangu for approximately 5km. A clearly marked sign on your left will indicate to turn left towards Kwamahlangu.

At the next T-junction turn towards Pretoria/Mamelodi. Continue along this road until you reach a 4-way stop. Turn right into Baviaanspoort Road.
Pass the Baviannspoort Prison on your right and ride along to Derdepoort. The route is the same as for Roodeplaat Dam from here.