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Our club's goal: to make SCC an active and dynamic club where cyclists can enjoy their sport and develop their capabilities in a fun, safe and well-behaved environment.

Our objectives: to provide well organised cycling events for members, to promote cycling safety, to improve services and information to members.

The club has 3 following cars each Saturday and 2 following cars each Sunday and all public holidays. These cars provide safety as well as assistance in the events of techanical problems.

Through a variety of fun-filled events, Select members get to hang out, have fun and improve their cycling at the same time.

The 2 club road training camps are scheduled to coincide with 2 of the big cycling races:

A variety of cycling tours, for both road and mountain bikes, are also organised by club members.

To find out more please click on the links or e-mail selectcycle@mweb.co.za