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Cradle (MUD) Quest

Rudolf Engelmann gets down and dirty!

Bike wash. R100
New chain. R500
Finding out how far the mud went in everywhere on me. Priceless!!!




Guylin van den Berg giving thumbs up to Mankele

Dave van den Berg & Bruce Reyneke 2nd in the masters


Telkom Satelite

Rynard van Hoven

40+ Erich Meintjies 1st, Martin Van Wyk 2nd, Rynard Van Hoven 3rd

Pasio winning the ladies & Leon Olivier coming 2nd 50+

Leon Olivier & Rynard van Hoven

Erich Meintjies Winner 40+

Erich Meintjies & Martin Van Wyk
Erich looking a bit pensive not believing what he has just won

Gary Beneke 1st, Leon Olivier 2nd 50+


Bela Bela Sondela Challenge

Sondela 40+ winners

40+ winners:
Left/right: Gerhard Wessels (4th), Richard Siebert (3rd), Anton Devenage(1st),
Ken Harris (2nd), Johannes Pienaar (5th)


Pinarello Granfondo

video length 7:34min

Bruce Reyneke and Jack Manzavinos participated

A few ASG MTB Club members travelled to Italy, and competed in the Pinarello Granfondo.
It was a ‘measly’ 175km, and about 3000 – 4000m of climbing (reports conflict,
Google Earth varies, and the hills were so vertical that satellite reception on our
Garmins was lost as we climbed, so jury is still out on the total climb…?). The weather
started off sunny and warm (read, “we packed no warm or weather-proof clothing!”),
but as we climbed the first major climb, we could hear a thunderstorm brewing at the top
of the mountain! (it was a different climate completely up there). The ascent was torturous,
as it was so steep one could not sit down and pedal, but had to stand just about all the way.
By the time we reached the top, a full-blown storm was raging, with torrential rain and even
some hail thrown in for good measure. The decent was, needless to say, slippery and freezing
cold, with us all being drenched (plastic bags pulled out of rubbish bins and shoved down our
shirts did little to help, unfortunately). Punctures abounded, and a few tumbles on the wet
surfaces were experienced (yours truly included! Blush…), but we all made it back safely.
A brilliant experience, and the closest any of us will ever come to riding “The Tour”

~ by Bruce Foulis


Gran Fondo Fausto Coppi

video length 6:55min

Bruce Reyneke and Jack Manzavinos participated


Giro Social

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Panorama Tour

Panarama Tour
Vivian Olivier and Wynand Jacobs

Panarama Tour
Wynand Jacobs


Tour d’Urban

Willie Swanepoel

Willie Swanepoel


'Out Of Town' members

Kallie Jacobs & Earle Wakeford

Kallie and Earle


Carnival City

Wilma Hale

Carlos Dos Santos


Race at Moloto ~ 15 Jan

Leon Olivier & Rynard Van Hoven in the break

Rynard Van Hoven & Leon Olivier

Bruce Reyneke

Bruce Reyneke, Erich Meintjies, Winston Clark

Rynard sprinting for 1st

Rynard wins

Bruce 6th, Erich 7th, Winston 8th